Our Story

The Love U team was created for the 2020 Lions Foundation Young Enterprise Scheme's business challenge. We are 4 year 13's who have a passion for the environment and want to do our part in making the world more environmentally friendly. We decided to create a makeup remover spray after we realised how much waste other makeup removers created. We worked together to create a product which not only works but is good for the environment too! With our glass bottles and reusable machine washable makeup wipes we have made sure that you are getting great quality when you buy our product



Lulu is our brilliant CEO! She is in charge of keeping us all on track and making sure that everything we do is up to the very best standard.

Stella is our wonderful marketing director! She is in charge of advertising, making sure our graphic design looks great and keeping on top of promotions. 

Brittany is our gorgeous production manager! She is in charge of producing our makeup remover and making sure everything is top quality

Olivia is our tremendous finance manager! She is in charge of keeping the financial side of the business running and making sure we can bring you the best quality products without having to charge you a lot of money.